The Gazette, Cedar Rapids, IA

"UI ready to reopen Art Building West"

Much of that covered the “invisible” flood wall. The removable, 900-foot flood wall around the building is designed to be built in two to three days but can go up quicker and is based on concepts used in many European cities, True said. UI officials expect to use similar invisible flood walls to protect the Iowa Memorial Union and Iowa Advanced Technology Labs on the other side of the Iowa River. Read Article


"City Engineer Happy with Coralville Removable Flood Walls"

Watching removable flood walls erect on both sides of the Clear Creek Bridge in Coralville is a premature victory against future floods for City Engineer, Dan Holderness. “This is a huge step for us, we’ll be able to protect the whole area,” Holderness said. City crews began a “practice run” to temporarily build the walls Tuesday night. The walls are part of a bigger flood protection plan. Read Article


"UI Pleased With Flood Wall Test"

University of Iowa Facility Management leaders were pleased with the results of a temporary flood wall test Friday morning. The wall was erected around the outside of Art Building West, which was heavily damaged by the 2008 flood. “It’s good to know it will work in the event of a flood,” said Dan Heater, director of building and landscape services. “We knew it would, but it’s nice to see it.” Read Article

Finance and Commerce

"Flood wall project pays off early for St. Paul’s downtown airport;" by Brian Johnson

A $24 million flood-control project completed last year is paying dividends earlier than expected for the St. Paul Downtown Airport. On Wednesday, crews at the airport began putting up temporary sections of the new flood wall system that’s designed to protect the airport and its tenants from the rising waters of the Mississippi River. Read Article

Land and Water

"Invisible wall protects Red River Valley;" by George Fryklund and Jennifer Reeder from Land and Water magazine

In the case of the IFCW™ installation at East Grand Forks, intermediate and vertical parting supports bolt into anchor devices mounted deep in a concrete wall base. When needed, the 20-foot sealed (horizontally) and extruded aluminum planks stack between them. (Additional support for walls over 8-feet in height, are provided by pin-connected diagonal braces with a horizontal tension rod to transfe Read Article

USA Today, and the AP

"City proud of recovery from 1997 flood"

Whitey's anchors a row of restaurants that look out over the river. They sit at the edge of East Grand Forks' new downtown, which boasts a Cabela's sporting-goods store that draws in shoppers from across the region. What appears to be a low, decorative wall near and the Red is actually the base of downtown's current protection: An "invisible" floodwall into which temporary panels will be placed to Read Article

Fast Company

"Grand Forks and East Grand Forks: After the Flood (Literally);" by Linda Tischler from Fast Company magazine

Looking for other solutions, he turned to a Massachusetts-based company, Flood Control America LLC...a product called an Invisible Flood Control Wall. It had been developed in Cologne, Germany to protect the area around the city's famous cathedral from periodic flooding by the Rhine. Essentially a post-and-plank structure, the wall can be assembled to keep out floodwaters, then decon Read Article

Mitigation Success Stories IV

"Mitigation Success Stories IV"; from the Association of State Floodplain Managers, in PDF format

The IFCW is a removable wall that is erected only during the threat of a flood. Patented twenty-foot sealed, interlocking hollow aluminum planks stack on top of a sill plate integrally constructed on a permanent concrete foundation. Posts and pin mounted diagonal braces provide additional support. A working crew of 3 people can install 1200 square feet in 2 hours...Pgs. 43, 44, 67 Read Article

FEMA Design Guide

"Design Guide for Improving School Safety in Earthquakes, Floods, and High Winds"

Mobilized floodwall. This category of flood protection measures includes fully engineered flood protection structures that have permanent features (foundation and vertical supports) and features that require human intervention to mobilize when a flood is predicted (horizontal components called planks or stop-logs)...pgs5-50. Read Article

Huntington Herald-Dispatch

"Removable Floodwall is being considered;" by Christian Alexandersen

Advocates of a removable floodwall said it will bring more attention to the park and help connect downtown businesses to the riverfront. When erected, the removable floodwall provides ample protection from raging waters, but when it's down, there are few stationary objects to block the view and accessibility of the riverfront.. Read Article

"Flood Protection in East Grand Forks"

The city of East Grand Forks built a new dike and floodwall to protect the rebuilt downtown area. The two blocks closest to the river will be protected by the first U.S. installation of the "Invisible Flood Control Wall". The "Invisible Flood Control Wall" is erected only when a flood threatens. The rest of the time, the river will be visible from the downtown area. Read Article


June 2016
World Trade Center - VSC
FCA delivers 2nd removable floodwall system to the World Trade Center. 

July 2015
World Trade Center - Freedom Tower
FCA has designed and manufactured a removable floodwall system around Tower One at World Trade Center. 

June 2015
Florida Power and Light powerplant projects
FCA produced large-scale demountable floodwalls for flood protection at multiple powerplants. 

May 2015
FCA expands into Canada
FCA has delivered multiple removable flood walls to Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

December 2014
Removable Flood Wall at University of Iowa
The Iowa Advanced Technology Lab’s new flood wall installation featured at IowaNow


“This is fantastic…We’re pleased with how they fit, and we’re pleased with the short amount of time they take to put up.” - Dan Holderness, City Engineer, Coralville, IA