Project Name: World Trade Center projects, New York, NY

Project Type: Perimeter Wall, Closures, Bollard Protection System

Project Description: Flood Control America has produced a custom removable floodwall system for the World Trade Center. As of late 2016 and early 2017, two projects are complete and a third project is underway. The first project protects Tower One (the Freedom Tower) while the second project protects the Vehicular Security Center (VSC).

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Project Name: Coralville, IA

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: The Iowa River Power Restaurant segment of the Invisible Flood Control Wall in Coralville, IA is a small portion of thousands of linear feet of removable floodwall that protects the city.

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Project Name: 140 West Street, New York, NY

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: In the wake of massive flooding following Hurricane Sandy, FCA manufactured a free-standing flood wall to enclose the Verizon Building at 140 West.

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Project Name: University of Iowa, Art Building West

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: The Art Building West at the University of Iowa in Iowa City was completely flooded and needed to be gutted.

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Project Name: T-Mobile

Project Type: Perimeter Wall, Flood Proofing

Project Description: This is a flood proofing project at a hybrid office/communications facility that was prone to chronic flooding in the Pacific Northwest.

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Project Name: Holman Field, St. Paul Downtown Airport

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: This is the largest American-made removable flood wall installation in the world, spanning runways on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Project Name: East Grand Forks, MN

Project Type: Perimeter Wall, Closures, Half Wall

Project Description: The removable flood wall system in East Grand Forks allowed the city to develop a massively successful commercial center along the riverfront, including a Cabellas, Applebees, and local mom and pop businesses.

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June 2016
World Trade Center - VSC
FCA delivers 2nd removable floodwall system to the World Trade Center. 

July 2015
World Trade Center - Freedom Tower
FCA has designed and manufactured a removable floodwall system around Tower One at World Trade Center. 

June 2015
Florida Power and Light powerplant projects
FCA produced large-scale demountable floodwalls for flood protection at multiple powerplants. 

May 2015
FCA expands into Canada
FCA has delivered multiple removable flood walls to Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

December 2014
Removable Flood Wall at University of Iowa
The Iowa Advanced Technology Lab’s new flood wall installation featured at IowaNow


“It’s not just a big cement wall when you’re coming into town. The wall has a nice design, and is relatively simple to put up.” - Mayor Cliff Barth, Breckenridge, Minnesota