World Trade Center Removable Floodwall Project

Tower One removable floodwall planks. World Trade Center bollard protection flood post. Freedom Tower floodwall deployment. Removable flood planks. 5' removable floodwall at World Trade Center. 8' high removable floodwall panels at World Trade Center. Bracing at the 8' high areas. Hold down clamps.


June 2016
World Trade Center - VSC
FCA delivers 2nd removable floodwall system to the World Trade Center. 

July 2015
World Trade Center - Freedom Tower
FCA has designed and manufactured a removable floodwall system around Tower One at World Trade Center. 

June 2015
Florida Power and Light powerplant projects
FCA produced large-scale demountable floodwalls for flood protection at multiple powerplants. 

May 2015
FCA expands into Canada
FCA has delivered multiple removable flood walls to Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

December 2014
Removable Flood Wall at University of Iowa
The Iowa Advanced Technology Lab’s new flood wall installation featured at IowaNow


“The IFCW served us quite well. We are happy about the system.” - Lynn Brilz, Senior Engineer, Fargo, North Dakota