Project Name: East Grand Forks, MN

Project Type: Perimeter Wall, Closures, Half Wall

Project Description: The removable flood wall system in East Grand Forks allowed the city to develop a massively successful commercial center along the riverfront, including a Cabellas, Applebees, and local mom and pop businesses.


Removable floodwall closure and parapet wall

The East Grand Forks removable flood barrier project is made of numerous street closures, rail closures, and an architectural half wall.


Flood barrier planks on half wall

Designers decided on an architectural half wall onto which the Invisible Flood Control Wall is added. The unusually high concrete wall base was an optional choice that dictates that flood waters must significantly rise before the planks have to be mounted.


Demers Avenue removable flood barrier closure



Flood wall struts and dry side half wall

Pin connected diagonal braces support the floodwall when exposed to flood load. A threaded tension rod allows perpendicular mounting of flood system. Concrete thrust blocks absorb diagonal stress during flood events.


Removable flood wall closures

When a flood event is predicted, the flood protection system can be erected while leaving closures open for traffic and egress until just before the flood waters arrive.


Additional phases of the removable flood protection system

Four phases of the flood wall system project have been completed, including one city contract and three flood wall contracts from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Over a dozen flood wall closures and hundreds of lineal feet of the Invisible Flood Control Wall is in place in East Grand Forks.


Railroad flood wall closures

Three railroad removable flood wall closures are part of the flood protection plan in East Grand Forks.


Commercial development

In a area formerly prone to devastating seasonal flooding, the riverfront area has experienced a surge of commercial investment. The completed IFCW™ is a source of community pride and strength. The promenade connects surging business development and river city enjoyment.