Project Name: Holman Field, St. Paul Downtown Airport

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: This is the largest American-made removable flood wall installation in the world, spanning runways on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Perimeter Flood Barrier Wall

Two long spans of removable flood wall seal the floodplain at Holman Field. The demountable flood system is only half erected in this image.


Airport Runway Flood Wall

The two major flood wall spans tie into an area of high ground. On the near side, the flood wall system ties into a concrete flood wall.


Removable and concrete flood walls

A galvanized steel channel is embedded in the concrete flood wall. The aluminum posts of the removable flood system stack into the channel.


Channels and Posts

The aluminum stop logs of the removable system are stacked in the embedded channel and a galvanized steel post.


Invisible Flood Control Wall Posts

At 9' in height, on a project with hundreds of posts, a boom truck is ideal for setting posts.


Corner Posts

The regular flood wall posts can accept variations in the angle of the planks, so that variations in the span can be accommodated. For larger jogs in the flood wall, however, special corner posts can fabricated.


Half Wall

The aluminum planks can be rigged to stack several at a time to expedite the erection process.



The floodwall has been erected several times since its installation. The system withstood several feet of flood waters from the Mississippi River in the summer of 2014.