Project Name: University of Iowa, Art Building West

Project Type: Perimeter Wall

Project Description: The Art Building West at the University of Iowa in Iowa City was completely flooded and needed to be gutted.


Removable flood walls

The University of Iowa can make judgements about the arrival of floods based on the water level of Coralville Lake. This provides a significant time cushion to move flood measures into place.


Removable Flood Wall, Iowa City, IA

The flood wall spans 300' along the north side of the building. Over 9' high, two intermediate support posts are required along a each 20' plank span to pick up the load of the maximum flood height.


Flood Wall Corner Posts

The system uses four 90 degree custom corner posts


Corner Posts, Dry Side Strut Configuration

At the corner, a custom configuration was engineered to use a common strut shoe.


Flood Wall Span

The span of removable flood wall along Riverside Drive follows the curve of the road without the use of special corner posts. The standard posts can easily achieve linear variations such as this.


Standard Parting Support Post

A standard post can accept up to about a 15 degree change in direction of the plank direction.


Aluminum Flood Planks

The planks of the removable flood wall system can be rigged to stack several at a time, decreasing erection time.



Diagonal struts prevent the forces of overturning on high walls.


High flood walls

The floodwall along Riverside Drive is 12' high.


Art Building West

Art Building West is once again in use by the students of the University of Iowa.