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About Flood Control America

Flood Control America has been designing and manufacturing removable flood wall barriers since 1997, and is the industry leader in large-scale civil-level removable flood walls. FCA pioneered the use of demountable flood barriers in the United States back when most flood protection schemes around the U.S. was about stuffing and stacking sand bags as fast as possible while flood waters surged. All of our components and source materials are 100% MADE IN AMERICA, keeping Americans working while we protect our communities from potentially devastating flood damage. Our staff has decades of experience in civil engineering, tunnel engineering, heavy machinery, and internet technologies. Please contact us to see how we can assist you in engineering a removable flood protection solution.

“This is fantastic…We’re pleased with how they fit, and we’re pleased with the short amount of time they take to put up.

Dan Holderness – City Engineer, Coralville, IA