Project Name: T-Mobile

Project Type: Perimeter Wall, Flood Proofing

Project Description: This is a flood proofing project at a hybrid office/communications facility that was prone to chronic flooding in the Pacific Northwest.

Flood proofing door closure

These office doors have to open outward to conform to the local fire code.

Office door flood proofing

The Invisible Flood Control Wall can be easily customized for hybrid flood solutions.

Aluminum flood planks

The stop logs weigh only 5 pounds per lineal foot and are easily handled by office workers.

Complex flood proofing configuration

This small closure configuration contains a corner post to allow for running the flood system to and away from the inner bulkhead, and also includes two bolt-on bulkhead channels.

Parting support post with fixed strut

This parting support post uses a fixed strut to bear the flood load. A fixed strut, rather than a typical diagonal strut, requires less space on the dry side of the flood barrier wall, but the finished concrete must be very level or the post will not be straight.

Flood wall system - bulkhead channel

Drilled-in anchors allow for a bolt-on channel.

Flood barrier system - complex corner post

A custom three-way corner post with a fixed strut.

Light weight aluminum flood planks

The flood barrier planks are easily palletized and moved from storage to mobilzation prior to a flood event.

Flood barrier system with bulkhead channel

Due to tight spaces, the flood protection system on this installation used primarily 10' planks.

Flood barrier system - compression channels

The tightening of the compression channels forces the stop logs against the vertical gaskets.

Flood barrier system - hold down clamps

Hold down clamps tighten the flood planks against the horizontal gaskets creating a watertight flood panel.

Flood barrier system

The rear of the building contains a continuous run of the removable flood wall system.

Flood wall team

A happy flood wall erection crew and a job well done.